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This effort supports the University of Michigan's sustainability goal of reducing waste sent to landfills by 40% by 2025.

Student Move-Out Guide: Don't Dump It, Donate It!

It’s the end of April and you’ve finished your final exams. It’s time to pack everything up and move out. Packing your belongings becomes interesting as you come across a mega-pack of ramen noodles you bought at the beginning of the year and shoved in your closet. The pink-flowered, fuchsia wool sweater is crammed in the back of your dresser and the 4 super-sized containers of laundry detergent that you thought you would need are jammed in the corner of your closet. You look at your small compact car noticing one problem: YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR THIS STUFF! Does this sound familiar? If so, UM Waste Management Services has an alternative besides throwing this great stuff away - Donate it!

Beginning a week before resident Move Out times, a donation area is set up in the central area or lobby of every Residence Hall. This area is where residents can donate items they don’t want, can’t believe they own, or simply don’t have room for in their car. These materials are picked up by Waste Management Services’ staff, sorted into categories, and then donated to local non-profits in the Ann Arbor area. Last year, almost 12 tons of donations were collected from residents like you and donated to Purple Heart, Food Gatherers, St. Vincent DePaul, and the Salvation Army. Please review the table below to determine in which box your donated items should go.

Help us exceed the donations from last year! And remember, Don't Dump It, Donate It!

Northwood Community Apartments residents can participate in the Move Out donation program. Yellow collection boxes will be placed in Northwood III laundry rooms. Residents are asked to please bag donations separately according to the type of donation (food, clothing, shoes, etc.).

Help us exceed the donations from last year! If you can't use it, please donate it!

Items to Donate


Must be clean and undamaged. Include items like shirts, robes, p.j's, socks, coats, hats, etc.

 [Photo, Clothing]


Put all of your unwanted shoes & slippers in the yellow boxes marked "shoes." Tie or bundle pairs of shoes together.

 [Photo, Shoe]

Food and Toiletries

Must be un-opened and un-used packages. Include canned foods, ramen noodles, soap, shampoo, Pop Tarts, tea bags, etc.
No perishables please!

 [Photo, Food]


Must be clean and undamaged. Pillows, blankets, sheets, mattress pads, foam bed rolls, towels and throw rugs.

 [Photo, Bedding]

Household Items

Must be in usable condition. Include items like small appliances, kitchen and cooking utensils, baskets, school supplies, etc. Small electronics like unwanted cell phones, pagers and PDAs are also accepted.

 [Photo, Household items]

Silverware, plates, glasses and trays should be returned to Dining Services.
Remember to recycle mixed containers and paper in the waste-recycling closet.

"Take It or Leave It!"

Please bring large and bulky items like carpets, furniture and loft wood to the "Take It or Leave It" areas located outside the residence hall loading docks and at Northwood III dumpster areas. And as the sign says, please feel free to "Take" whatever items you find and give them a new home.

Take It or Leave It areas

Carpets and Rugs

Must be rolled up neatly and sealed with cord or tape. Place in designated area outside.

 [Photo, Carpet]


Place neatly in designated area outside.

 [Photo, Furniture]

Loft Wood

Remove all nails and pile wood neatly in designated area outside.

 [Photo, Loft Wood]

Wondering what to do with cardboard and polystyrene (foam) at the beginning of the school year? Be sure to check out the Student Move-In page.

Content modified: Jul 7, 2015