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Welcome to Plant Academy – Center for Organization Learning

We Make Blue Grow!

Plant Academy serves Plant Operations as (1) the provider of training for supervisors and managers and (2) contributes to the learning and development of all Plant employees through its leadership for DACUM and support of innovative programs professional growth.

Plant’s long-term vision as a Learning Organization recognizes that training is a critical component to an organization’s development and quality service. Therefore, Plant Academy also participates in multiple projects including committee retreats, strategic planning, and employee advisory committee efforts.

Our classroom programs are extended to U-M facilities affiliates employed within U-M Facilities and Operations departments, members of the Facilities Users Network (FUN), and facilities professionals employed in U-M Housing.

We provide training delivered by subject matter experts to directly apply and transfer to the facilities environment and daily work practice. Each opportunity foster networking and the cross-functional exchange of ideas among facilities professional, to benefit our service to the U-M mission and contribute to the effective results for our employees and customers.

Content modified: Aug 22, 2014